Our Bulk SMS / SMS Marketing Service

offerings offer you a quick and easy way to contact your customers, get out your marketing information. Our Pricing for the Bulk SMS Service is affordable and cheap and this can be a huge saving on Bulk SMS/ SMS marketing costs depending on the size and quantity of emails being sent out.

The Bulk SMS / SMS Marketing Service

is here to provide people with a really easy hassle free way of sending large amounts of sms's to userlists. We can cater from 1 to over a million sms's per sms list so long as sms numbers on the lists are people who have subscribed or have authorized third party sms to be sent to them.

Bulk SMS / SMS Marketing is a powerful medium in the marketing arena. With the click of a button, you can instantly reach hundreds of thousands of people anywhere in the world with your newsletter or special offer. A Bulk SMS / SMS marketing campaign offers an affordable way to gain new customers, build repeat business, and enhance your company's brand.

You pay fees based on the quantity of sms's that you send to your list. Our Bulk SMS / SMS Marketing service is primarily self-service solutions, allowing you to define your content and send to the lists you create. The system offers return SMS and Short Number SMS options as well. Please contact us regarding these options.

Our bulk SMS model is best for small businesses because it's easy to get started and inexpensive. We provide customer service by phone or email to work out any problems.

We will not send SMS out that are advertising or publishing information for illegal acts such as hacking, terrorism, any illegal activities or offering for sale any products that infringe copyright of the original material or sending out phishing emails.

Our Bulk SMS / Bulk Marketing Service is fast, effective and affordable.



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Support options are offered via telephonic support / email support / online ticketing system.
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We have developers who can develop new websites for you, or if you have an existing website we can enhance and optimize it, impoving search engine visibility, etc

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Let us develop an SEO or eMail Marketing strategy for your company , enhancing your web site visibility and boost your traffic.
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