Bulk SMS

Use Bulk SMS to contact multiple recipients with the same message. Xtremexposure offers customers access to a secure, streamline, easy to use and dependable high-capacity messaging platform. Xtremexposure's interactive service is provided via a direct, dedicated link into the 4 local Mobile network operators.

Our web-based product allows you to:
  • Send bulk SMS’s direct from your web browser AND receive replies
  • Merge your address book
  • Conduct history reports
  • Conduct bulk imports of contacts
  • Send SMS’s to individuals or groups directly to their mobile phone
  • And many advanced sending features

Let Xtremexposure's Bulk SMS product help you with the following features:
  • Import or enter contacts and manage them into convenient groups
  • Personalize your messages.
  • Monitor and analyse your messaging campaigns.
  • Use the free two-way messaging, with reply messages sent directly to your Inbox.
  • Download history reports in MS Excel format.
  • Market instantly and directly to your customers or group members, or alert them of offers, deals, meetings or changes in arrangements.

Let the advantages of SMS Media grow your business
SMS media is a highly effective channel, largely due to the fact that over 98% of SMS’s received are viewed. The high performance of the medium is based on the following unique characteristics:
  • A mobile phone is a more personal environment than direct mail or e-mail
  • SMS media has little commercial clutter and much higher standout
  • SMS campaigns can be targeted more precisely by a combination of demographics such as location, age, income, education, race and experience
  • SMS marketing is a relatively new medium
  • A SMS can be replied to any place, any time, within seconds
  • SMS's are automatically stored and can be referred to or used at a more appropriate time


Short Codes (competition lines)

Premium Rated SMS's which are sent from a cellular subscriber’s handset to a specific 5-digit MSISDN number (short code), are billed at a pre-determined advertised higher than normal rate. In South Africa, the mobile operators have specifically introduced price ranges and a series of short codes for this purpose. Mobile Originated Messaging is when the mobile user is billed at a standard rate or premium rate every time they send a message to a short code. This is available on Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Virgin Mobile. The revenue generated by a Premium Rated SMS line hosted via our platform is shared between the client, the mobile operator, and ourselves. The SMS revenue share depends on the price band and the network. Custom campaigns can be developed to cater for specific requirements.

Users may alter the following data at any time:
  • The response sent to the client
  • If the incoming SMS should be forwarded to email
  • If the incoming SMS should be forwarded to a mobile number

Revenue Sharing
Each network pays out varied amounts according to their own revenue share models, as detailed below. A minimum monthly volume of 500 messages per network will be required before Xtremeexposure will pass on revenue to its clients. Revenues will be paid to you within 90 days or earlier. Please note that this is dependant on when the operator pays Xtremexposure. Please note that this is a guideline of the network payments.

Standard R1.00 R1.50 R2.00 R3.00 R5.00 R10.00 R20.00 R30.00
Cell C R0.00 R0.17 R0.40 R0.74 R1.20 R2.14 R4.45 R9.10 R13.75
MTN R0.00 R0.17 R0.40 R0.74 R1.20 R2.14 R4.45 R9.10 R13.75
Vodacom R0.00 R0.17 R0.40 R0.74 R1.20 R2.14 R5.24 R10.75 R16.28



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