Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses of all types and sizes today. No matter how you define success, you can achieve outstanding results with email marketing, you only need to invest a small amount of time and an even smaller amount of money.


The top 10 reasons you need our Bulk Email Marketing Service:
  1. Mail Limitations
    Many email accounts and most ISPs limit the number of emails that you can send at one time. Further, most ISPs guard against bulk emailing, as it is often spam. We have a strong relationship with our ISP's and are able to send bulk email without limitations. With our services, your email address is listed as both the “from”, and “reply to” address, the email is actually being sent by our mail servers which is recognized by our ISPs. We can deliver thousands of emails in a few minutes with out Bulk email Marketing Services.

  2. Automated List Management
    We Provide List Hosting and Management, and automatically perform list management functions. These functions include Bounce management, editing capabilities so that subscribers can edit their own profiles, and the ability to unsubscribe with one click. Because you are required by law to process an unsubscribe request within 10 days, the unsubscribe functionality alone is critical to successful email marketing. In addition, we handle the bounced emails for you. If you are using your email client, you probably are overwhelmed by the bounces that you receive in your email box. We manage bounces, differentiating between reasons for the bounce (including full mailbox, vacation message, nonexistent address or blocked). Managing these critical list management functions using your standard email account is almost impossible.

  3. Infrustructure, Technology, Licencing
    Whether you are using your email account (and going it alone), or using a bulk email software package, you will find that our email marketing service can save you precious time and money. With our service, the bandwidth, power and flexibility are “built-in.” You do not have to worry about the technology or infrastructure required to send your email campaigns. In addition, better services include HTML templates and a simple, wizard-driven user tool that allows you to customize them to reflect your businesses branding, and you can rather focus your money on your business, not on the logistics of email marketing.

  4. Email Formatting
    Our Email services send emails in multipart format. This means that your emails will be delivered to your subscribers in the correct format every time. In comparison, your email client can’t tell which email format each recipient is able to receive - HTML or text. If you send HTML from that account, some of your recipients will get gibberish that they can’t read. In addition, the size of your email may exceed the requirements of the ISP or corporate domain, making it more susceptible to blocking and spam filtering. If you send only plain text, you’ll be missing out on response rates of up to 30% higher with HTML.

  5. Professional Mailing Practices
    To follow Professional Mailing Practices those of you using Outlook or some other email client, mistakes can happen. The most common mistake is exposing your entire mail list in the To: or CC: line, which firstly violates your list members’ confidentiality and exposes their email addresses. In addition to this, failure to include an unsubscribe link or instruction is now against the law.

    Our Email services provide an automatic unsubscribe link that is effective immediately and the inclusion of a physical address in every email is automated. In addition, we provide continous education, Hint & Tips on email marketing best practices through free newsletters and tutorials and in-product guidelines. Topics that are frequently covered include best days to send, how to write a good subject line and more.

  6. Get Higher Email Deliverability Rates
    We maintain strong permission policies and are active with anti-blocking with ISPs on your behalf to ensure that your email is delivered. We have developed good relationships with our ISPs and are whitelisted to be sure your permission based emails gets through. We monitor all outgoing email to ensure that all major ISPs and corporate domains are successfully accepting your email. If you are using your email account, you may not know if your email is being delivered. most ISPs will just “drop” emails without sending a bounce message. With us you will know which emails were delivered or not and why.

  7. Creating Great Looking Emails
    We provide professional HTML templates to make your email campaign creation easy by eliminating the need for any web skills. Our templates are pre-formatted to help you organize your content. They include appropriate fonts, colors and placeholders for graphics and company logos, and are easily customized to create a look that matches your company’s website or branding. You are able to import your own html formatted templates, or any html format templates that have been professionally made for you as well.

  8. We Deliver Measurable Results
    Our Bulk Email Marketing system enables you to measure the response of each email campaign. Our Bulk Mailing Service report the number of emails sent, opened, who opened, who clicked through and which links they clicked on. The reports also show new subscribes, unsubscribes, bounces. These reports help you track and measure your success, and to allow you to target more effectively and improve your results over time. By understanding the individual and campaign results, you will know your subscribers better, and build more effective future email campaigns. An important note to remember: What you don’t know can hurt you. If you send your email from a standard email account and it generates spam complaints, you won’t know about them. If your email is perceived as spam by Customers and ISPs, you run the risk of having your entire corporate email server blocked.

  9. Compliance With Email Laws & ETC Act
    Email marketing is begining to mature, and so are our laws. Our service will ensure that your email campaigns are compliant with legislation. For example, the U.S. CAN SPAM law that went into effect in January of 2004, and the ECT Act requires that every email campaign sent include the physical address of the sender, and that there is an unsubscribe link for the recipient to opt out with, and the unsubscribes be honored within 10 days of the subscriber’s request.

  10.   We Cost Less
    When you add up the costs of your current method of sending email campaigns, you may find that our services are less costly in terms of the resources and time required. If you are spending your time trying to format your email for delivery, or handling bounces in your inbox, time is your biggest savings. For any business that uses email to communicate with customers and prospects, following email best practices, following the law, and keeping your email practices up-to-date with changing standards, is of the utmost importance because this is the only way you can realize the true power of email marketing.

    Let us help solidify existing relationships, initiate new ones and convert your one-time visitors, into repeat business and long-term customers. This way you can spend your time doing what you do best - promoting your own company, product, service or cause.

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Jan 4, 2010
The final conversion to the new Bulkmailing system was completed, The new mailing system offers statistical information of opens, link tracking, surveys, and autoresponder functionality and much more

Jan 10, 2010
Refresh of the new Xtremeexposure website is underway, with a completion date of the end of January

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