Privacy Policy

What Do You Do With My Information?

At HostworX / Xtremeexposure, we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously.

Here's what we do - and, more importantly, what we DON'T do - with any information you provide us.

"I am a HostworX or Xtremeexposure Customer."

Your account information is held in strict confidence. All our customer's account information is.

We DO NOT sell or share your information with anyone. We only collect information like your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and billing information so we can provide the services described on this website.

"I am a Subscriber of an email list that is managed on your email system."

Your email address, name and any other information you generate are held in strict confidence. We only keep your information so that the customer whose email list you signed up to can email you.

We do not contact you. We DO NOT sell or share your information with anyone else.

What About Cookies?

We do use cookies to track a number of activities and provide a desirable experience for our affiliates, our customers, and their subscribers.

We treat any data that we collect with a cookie with the same high respect that we treat other data about customers, subscribers and affiliates, and only use it in ways that are consistent with the policies described above.

In addition to our own cookies, our third party advertisers may use them to both improve the performance of our service and provide features such as advertising. You can restrict the use of cookies or delete them from your browser at anytime by configuring your browser settings. (Please note that restricting cookies can interfere with some of the functionality of our website.)



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Support options are offered via telephonic support / email support / online ticketing system.
Please contact support at

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